Welcome to Laid Back Ranch!

Started in 2013 by owner Gregory Kott, the team at Laid Back Ranch, LLC has set out to improve on the legendary status of the Texas Longhorn. Inspired by a picture of a World Champion Longhorn Bull, Gregory couldn’t help but envision a business where he could look out his window and see a field full of the majestic, colorful big-horned cattle.

With the purchase of a beautiful 50-acre farm in Swanton, Ohio, Greg began building Laid Back Ranch from the ground up. He invested in the best pasture and fencing available, he recruited a passionate and knowledgeable team, and above all he purchased the highest quality cattle. Since then, Laid Back Ranch has steadily grown and Greg has continued to gain knowledge from experienced ranchers and ranch hands, implementing tried and true methods like genetic breeding, while also cultivating a variety of cutting edge techniques, as he and his team push forward in creating a herd of the most highly desirable animals.

Greg’s passion for the cattle is matched only by his desire to provide a fulfilling and positive experience for his clients. He is a true cattleman at his heart and is focused on producing nothing but the best!

Thank you and as always we hope you have a Laid Back day!